Friday, 29 June 2018

peters lost sister

Once upon a time a boy named Peter went to the market to buy bread and fish. He got money from his guardian. When he went through the market he saw a fortune teller. He wanted to go there but his guardian told him to buy bread and fish but he followed his passion and went to the fortune teller.

Peter thought the fortune teller was a little bit dodgy because it was only $1 per person. He went in with fear and knew he was getting scammed. He went to him and put the dollar in with a little shake. The teller said “Your sister is still alive just try and believe me”.
Peter knew it was a huge mistake he made by going in the fortune teller, Because he knew that the sister died from cancer. He went home to his guardian and then he just did not lie to the guardian.

He followed his heart and he didn't lie to the guardian. He  came empty handed to his guardian and the guardian said “Follow your passion and it will lead the way”. THE END

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