Thursday, 24 March 2016

use of water

I worked on it because i am tilling the school to dupk water.

My new words

R6's Triangles

This is about doubling number.

my glogs

This is my glogs I have done all of them my teacher helped me do all of them I am happy for getting my work done.

R6's Triangles

The wonky Donkey

This is about dcgbing  words.

year 4

Monday, 21 March 2016

The dogon

The dogon is red.
The dogon is hot.Image result for wich on the broom the book the book
The dogon blows fire.
The dogon has wags.
The dogon can fly.
The dogon likes to eat wihak.
The dogon is big.
The dogon is hory.
He is scary.
He is horrible.
He has shup teeth.
He is gely.
He has pink eyes.
He likes to eat a lost.

Monday, 14 March 2016

all about me

Hello my name is Timote, I go to tamaki primary and I am a year 4. My teacher is Miss Ashli she is in Room 6 my favourite things to do at school is to play scocer and play rugby and my favourite thing to do in class

is Reading, My Favourite  food is KFC , my favourite sport is Rugby.

at school today

At school today I Road bike on the bike tak we had to take it safli then we Rode the bike about 5 rows then we had one more road  on the bike then we got off the bike then    we load up then Wesley and kerdell had a ficht.

when I was scared

When I was scared when I watch a scar movie it felt like I was inside the movie and lots  of dives was inside me, it felt like the dives was conti me ever sce I had dream about that movie.

max's joey

What is the name of this text?
Who is the author?
Who is the illustrator?

In the story Max’s story, there are lots of words you may not have heard before.

Put them in the box below. Then write down what you think it means, just have a guess!
After that, look up in the dictionary what it actually means and write this in the last box.
Some suggestions have been done for you.

What do I think it means?
What does it actually mean? (Look it up!)
baby wallaby

gin trip
a pocit






think about it

Make a list of all the different things Max had to do to take care of the joey

Write about how you take care for a pet at home (dog, cat, rabbit).
Include some adjectives, the name of your pet, what kind of pet it is and what different things you have to do to take care of it.

(at least 10 sentences)

the three little pigs

title:the three little pigs.

The mother said you are big now.It is time for you to go and make you your off went the three little pigsthe first pig made his house of straw. the second pig made his house of sticks.but the third little pig made his house of bricks.he word all day the next day a big bad wolf came from the forest

Timo's SHORT

title:Timo’s SHORT
AUTHOR:marie langley
MINOR CHaracters:mis jns,timo,pipe,aely,max
main characters:jns,timo’s,pipe,aley,max.
mani idea:loosing his short.

events: mis jns said don't do that.