Monday, 10 December 2018

The First Plane

Dear Santa

Dear Santa ;

Thank you for the towel I am looking forward to using for when we go beach.I love using the headset with a mic I love using it to talk with my family on fortnite and listening to music.
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By Timote

Monday, 3 December 2018

Every child should play a team in sport

Every child should play a team in sport

Although both arguments have valid Issues, The Amazing side is that you could be that guy on television who makes Millions of Dollars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Jason Taumalolo did 1 day, However some Injuries could possibly happen and may take stitches somehow.

My First reason is that you get to play your favorite team because you can represent your own country or just move to a team you love but on the contrary you can be away from your family and friends, You would need to make friends that's hard for some people because they look for new ones every day.

My Second reason why is that you get to play your favorite team and be who you look up to. It’s very very Important to listen to your coach if your in a rugby club

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Sentence Starer for Persuasive writing

Car should Get banned because of global warming?

I believe that car should get banned although car get us around
without wasting our energy.
The fact is global warming is getting worse by the minute because fuel prices are going off chat in New Zealand's as I know. In my opinion everyone knows that fuel is up and I am absolutely certain car should get banned and they should get electric cars and just full it up at home.The conclusion is we can full up you're at home and not more global warming by using solar panels.

Kid should get to pick their own Teacher

I believe that kid should not pick their Teacher because some students are different and some Teacher are different. In my opinion If student dont like their Teacher they might want another.Kids will want to have a man teacher if you're a and the same for the girls but they might not know what teacher like. I am absolutely certain that kids should be allowed to because the school what they like  and what they hate.Most people will stand with me because there education is important but on contraire some teacher might let the other class free time because they did not chose him/her.