Sunday, 22 July 2018


One day everything went wrong just a experiment including a nuke it blew up and it affected the humans but the scientist try to make a formula to cure the human but they accidently made a zombie position and gave everyone that had sickness.

That's how we ended up in a old house with trap for zombies.After a few days we have to go loot some houses but we got the jackpot it was a rustrent and it might have food but we found a family.We had to build walls and stairs and platform and we heard knocking on our door but it was one of the zombies so we grabbed our guns i had a scar and mote had a mini gun and we started shooting at them .

After that we took them back to home base one of them were a scientist they ask for materials to make a antidote for the took a whole day to make it after we went and tried it and it worded so she made with a little help we cured everyone later on we had to take the family back to tilted towers.

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