Friday, 25 May 2018

The center of the soar system

The sun

Name:Timote    Date: 24 of May 2018

What the sun does?
The Sun or the Sol makes food for us like fruit and veges.They use the sun to grow these things.The Sun makes rain by heating up the rain and it turns into water vaipa that water vaipa travels up it the clouds.There every no new water when it rains it make water on ground after the the Sun heats.That is the water cycle.By the way the Sol is another way to say Sun.Image result for the sun

Solar energy
Solar energy is what power house if you have Solar Panels.They put the Solar Panels on your roof.When it point to the Sun it gives you power.Image result for solar panels

The Sun has Solar Flares.Solar Flares are when the Sun gets brighter.

What Orbits the Sun or Sol?
Mercury is the faster because it is closer to the sun and it more powerful there.It is not the hottest it is Venus and after Venus it is planet Earth The land of people and Animals also the moon orbit the Sun and Satellite.After Earth is Mars than Jupiter After that is Saturn than Uranus and the last one is Neptune.

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