Monday, 5 December 2016

IALT think from somebody else's point of view

Imagine you are one of these people who have been in a terrible earthquake.
Think about how the day that the earthquake hit.
  • What were you doing before it hit?
  • Who were you with?
  • When the earthquake hit, how did you feel? Scared, confused, alarmed?
  • What did you do? Run, scream, get scared and stay still, cry?
  • What did you do next? Try to find friends/family? Hide in a doorway or under a table? Run away?
  • How were you feeling throughout the day?
  • What happened at night - where did you sleep? Was your house okay? Was your family okay?

Write a 100 word (or more) diary entry about your imaginary day.
Try to be as descriptive as possible (use lots of powerful words!)

Start here:ON monday i went to a birthday it was a boy he was turning 9  then a shock wave hit us my mum and dad were with me when the earthquake hit us it fell like the ground is going to choke  we were so scared that a alarm went on it said to get out of the city we found a buse the had we people tets and food and water the next day we went out to look for people that were still alive we found a family we brought them to the buse when we got there was police they give guns to us.

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