Sunday, 3 April 2016



Find a picture of Julia and put it here.

Research and find the answers to these questions -

  • How old is Julia. she is 67 her birthday day is on September 16.
  • Where does she live glasgow is in united kingdom.Ludmilla Newcastle
  • Where was she born at rome is in Italy
  • How many books has she written 184 book for the people.
  • What was the first book she wrote A squash and a squeeze
  • What is her favourite book charlie cook’s favorite book.
  • ]

Now think of 5 questions of your own and find the answers.

  • What was the first book that she published? it was in  London but in England.
  • When was JULIA DONALDSON born 1948.
  • What is her kids names Hamish dONALDSON and alastair  dONALDSON.
  • When was her kids born 2011 and 2013.
  • What is JULIA DONALDSON husband name malcolm Donaldson.
  • What does she like to eat kfc.
  • What does she like to ride she like to ride a boom.
  • What is her favourite thing to do she like write story
  • What is her favourite sport golf.
  • What is  JULIA DONALDSON best friend Roald dahl.
  • What does she like to eat cross buns .

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